WiFi – LAN – WAN

WiFi - LAN - WAN

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Your business need access to the internet. You know this already. But is that access all that it can be?

Netiket can securely setup and maintain your WiFi network to prevent unauthorised access from the outside world. We can do this because we know how to break into WiFi networks. We know the vulnerabilities, backdoors and inherit weaknesses in WiFi and most importantly, we know how to close them. We can also maximise network throughput and extend it's range over a wide area so all of your departments and employees can access it.

Prefer to have a wired network? No problem. Netiket can install and configure your office Local Area Network (LAN) to get all of your workstations on the same page. If you also have satellite offices, we can get them talking to each other to ensure all areas of your business are interconnected over a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Leave the technical details to us so you can focus on driving your business forward.