Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Keep Everything Running SmoothlyKeep Everything Running Smoothly

Regular maintenance keeps your website fresh, up to date and running smoothly. Behind the scenes of your website, AKA "The Back-end", there are a lot of components that are constantly interacting with each other in order to bring your website into the public domain. Any severed link can bring the entire website down leaving your customers and clients unable to access your site.

If you woke up one morning and visited your website only to discover that it has been replaced by a white screen with the message "Error Establishing Database Connection...", would you know what to do?

When you take out a website maintenance contract with Netiket, you can rest assured that your website is in very good hands. We can take care of everything from performing regular full-site backups for disaster recovery, to installing and monitoring hardened security to prevent Direct Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks as well as unauthorised hacking attempts. We can also update your website content to keep your audience updated on what's new in your world.

Netiket Website Maintenance contracts come in 3 different options:



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