Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

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There's no doubt about it, the enterprise world is moving into the cloud.

For small to medium sized businesses, a hosted exchange can remove that clunky server hardware and cooling equipment from the office and move it into the digital realm.

So what is a hosted exchange?
Simply put, a hosted exchange is a system that allows your business employees to utilise all the benefits of email, Microsoft Office, instant messaging as well as a host of other features that will ensure collaboration and communication flow as easily as possible within your business. You will still use the software you are already familiar with such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, but you connect to Microsoft's Secure Servers in order to receive emails and collaborate with your colleagues. It can also be very cost effective as there is no large initial outlay for expensive equipment, setup costs and ongoing physical maintenance.

What do you get with a hosted exchange?
Each of the following can be installed locally on every user's computer and mobile device to ensure the fastest and most efficient working environment:


For a low-cost fee per user per month, you can get your business back in line and driving forward.
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